Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wedding Preparations

Are you dreaming of the perfect wedding? 

Me, I'm excited for everyone who's getting married.  I also have this feeling that God has been strategically placing all these friends around me who are connected to all preparations and requirements that have to do with weddings. lol.

Wedding Event Planner, Wedding Give-aways and Wedding Invitations - My Little Craft

For example, my friend Bel Mojica and her partners have a cozy little shop that brides would just love.  It's called My Little Craft Bridal Boutique and they offer wedding supplies/event planning for all your wedding needs.

Sample invitation from CreativePrints, one of My Little Craft's partner stores

Another invitation from  CreativePrints

Custom-made wedding cords from Islas Aromaticas, another partner store

Another heirloom wedding cord from Islas Aromaticas
 You can drop by My Little Craft Bridal Boutique at Unit D, G/F Magnitude Bldg., 186 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., QC. or call 440-3659.

Wedding Photographer - Foreverday Photography

One of the most important things you need to think about would be your wedding photographer.   My friend Ching and her passionate and talented photographer hubby Gail  would gladly document that special day for you.  Gail is one of THE Pat Dy's apprentice wedding photographers. More than that though, he's skilled, extremely nice, and very professional to deal with. You can be sure your wedding will be most beautifully photographed.

Gail captures the beauty...
...the love...
...and the fun of weddings.

Check out more of his photos in Foreveryday Photography or add Foreveryday on Facebook.

Wedding Singer - Phoebe Bitoon

Then there's Gail's sister Phoebe who is just an awesome jazz and anything-romantic singer.  This pretty and petite songstress will capture your heart I'm sure.  You just have to listen.

Engagement/Wedding Rings - Glitz of Bitz

It seems like the whole Bitoon family is into weddings.  Not only is Gail and Phoebe's dad a pastor, their Mom also makes the most beautiful engagement and wedding rings.  You can probably have similar pieces made, but I'm sure they'll cost more than what Tita Portia Bitoon is offering.  You can contact Glitz of Bitz through Tita Portia's facebook page.

blue sapphire, diamonds, and white gold

two-tone diamonds eternity rings in 14k white gold
Wedding Cake - Sweet Afters

Need a gorgeous wedding cake?  Try Sweet Afters by Ayee Venida, my friend Ven's sister.  Ayee launched her first wedding cake during Ven's wedding, and it was a hit.  Sweet Afters also makes the cutest cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, baby showers, and other events. You can contact Sweet Afters at sweetafters8@gmail.com

Red Roses Fondant Cake

Groom - looks like he's all dressed up...

LOL. I'm sorry Echo. You're as beautiful as a wedding day, but God is not finished with me yet! Harhar.

Feel free to comment away if you know any other people to contact for weddings...it might be handy for the future :D

Happy wedding thoughts everyone!

So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.- Matthew 19:6

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