Monday, January 7, 2013

Goodbye 2012 (plus a pic spam!)

I wrote this blog entry in January 2013 but never got around to posting it until now. I think this is the best period to be reminded :)

"A bride who is more interested in the gifts than the groom misses the point completely. I have missed the point repeatedly." 

This tweet from David Bonifacio sure woke me up today. Which bride is more excited about the wedding gifts than the groom himself? It only took me split-second to realize that I was that bride.

For the past days, I have been feeling a bit ungrateful because I had been feeling that I never really get what I desire the most.  I was pursuing the blessings from God,  forgetting that the biggest reward is God himself and that He is in control.    

So I thought about sharing the goodness of God first with this note of gratefulness. I want to honor God in my life, just to be reminded that He has been faithful since I came back here in Manila.

March-April 2011 -  So many changes I didn't expect. I was also going back to my family after 11 years of staying away. I didn't know where the road was taking me. I didn't even know if I really wanted to go.

May 2011 - Went on a retreat. Went running again, had "long dates" with God, had overnights at my Christian friends' house, listened to podcasts and worship music all day long.

 Unexpectedly, He gave me a disciple at the lowest point in my life.  He was pointing me in the right direction -- to the mountain top. It was an awesome spiritual revival, thanks to my supportive friends.

Ignite Youth Conference 2011

My Surprise Send-off Party -- also a time of prayer and believing God for disciples in my old job

June 2011 - Back home. Surprisingly, I got a freelance job as a contributor for a food mag. I was going to have pocket money -- yay. Best of all, I was finally going to fulfill my dream of writing about food and getting paid for it.

Being back at home was also an unexpected comfort (read: Going Home).

July 2011 - Decided to take on a new job (Read: My New Job).  Grateful for less stress at work. More time to do the things I want to do!

My new workmates who just love eating!
Started bible study sessions again, started meeting my high school and MA friends again.  My world expanded. Wrote a long blog entry about healing: When People We Love Hurt Us.

August 2011Renamed my blog Divine Amnesia.

October 2011 - I don't remember September much. But I do remember October.  I loved my birthday (read my birthday entry).

November 2011 - my first Christian concert! I blogged about it on Saved Festival 2011.

December 2011 - December was an exciting period for our Victory group! We launched our first VG outreach. It was also a time of bonding with new friends.

VG Pangarap, so named for our outreach in Pangarap Village
New year date with mom and a New Year card for my sister...who will also later on get to know Jesus :) 
2012 was a time for building and strengthening relationships, making disciples, and just enjoying the day-to-day blessings.

January 2012

Prayer and Fasting 2012 with Ching and Ting!

Prayer and Fasting 2012 day 3 with Ting and family
February 2012

We had to split the big VG for bible's our small VG called Hardcore with Ate Vivian. 

March 2012

Zambales trip with Tere and Shen...also met some nice new people!

VG Los Banos Valentine's Outreach activity

Meeting Early, a dormmate from college!

Growing VG Pangarap! 

Ang dami namin!!!

eating out with some VGmates, including my new 121 partner CHEEK! I love her!
more good times with high school friends

April 2012
Marianne's Wedding - meeting God's best is worth the wait!

More VG bonding nights!
Our VG watching Phoebe. First time I watched her perform. She's a jazz/wedding singer :)
Planetshakers and Israel Houghton concert with VG LB :)

with VG Pangarap

May 2012
basic photography lessons with Gail from Foreverday Photography

Month of the Oceans 2012...

...where we helped paint the longest dolphin mural :)
June 2012
VG Pangarap Outing
date with Ting and my inaanak Juju

High school barkada
July 2012

More outreach activities! This time, with my workmates!

painting a school in Payatas
The whole team :)

VG Maginhawa: The group that is really special to me this year. Before I left LB, someone prophesized that I would disciple 2-3 students. I wondered how that could be, when I was already leaving! Well, guess what. When God wills it, it will happen! My VG of UP students with some of my friends:

How it all started...a date with Ching and the three girls below :)

VG Maginhawa with my bestfriend Ting
At Burger Project with their Kuya Ian
I love these girls!
And of course, I had more fun times with my HS friends...if our VG is growing, so is our barkada!

our growing group
Mid-year fast with VG mates
 A time to recharge

August 2012

Started my capoeira lessons this month (read: Kicked in Capoeira class). I'm struggling, but I love them.  They help me develop patience and discipline.

With capoeira buddy Stella :)

VG relief operations for Typhoon Sendong victims

September 2012

Outing at Hidden Valley with office mates

assignment from VG maginhawa

first time to watch a play at CCP

Mom's 56th birthday

October 2012

Beyond Borders projects (now called The Isaiah 41 Project) brainstorming starts with Ian, Jho, and Kate. This outreach project in Sibuyan Island, Romblon was proposed to us by Kate. We're off to help an IP community with their classroom materials! Pray for us!

My first 3k run...
with Sorority sisters and...

officemates :)

Cheek's Victory Weekend! woohoo!
Cheek's water baptism
with VG during my birthday and other VGmates' birthdays! 
birthday date with my very good friend Leo

November 2012

My first 5k run...

haggard but happy!

with buddy  Raiza :)
December 2012

A VG wedding - Joc and Oliver's
VG Christmas Outreach 2012 -- the second year!
SPIN Collaborative Cascade with my sister - a gathering of individuals and social entrepreneurs who are changing the world!
Christmas Day with my family
This was also the month that I got promoted in my job. So yay for that :)

To end my uber long pic spam, I just realized that I have a lot to be grateful for.  God replaced my sadness with all of these meaningful activities and more importantly, these wonderful, beautiful people. My life wouldn't have been this awesome without them.

Thank you to all of you who were part of my 2012 :)

More than all of these people and things though, I learned or was reminded of four very important things:

1) God is my Provider - I was never in lack!
2) God is my Comforter - I am always at peace when I give up everything to God
3) God is my Strength -  I can always depend on him!
4) God is Faithful - even when I am not!

Thank you God for loving me this much.

I now empty myself of everything that happened in 2012 to make way for newer, greater, and better things.  There is only one Person I want to be expectant about, and that is God.

Here's to 2013 :)

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy... -  Psalms 30:11