Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kristel's birthday

Yesterday, we celebrated Kristel's birthday. Kristel is one of my Victory Group members (bible study group) in the office. Let me tell you that I admire this woman so much. I know about her struggles, but through it all, she remains strong and holds on to the hope that change will come through her God.  Happy birthday, Kristel! You are beautiful and you are loved!

our birthday surprise

close-up of kristel's mini birthday cake with makeshift paper dolls

office VG (me, digi, clarice, eden, kristel) +Ram!
super crazy discussion and laugh trip while it was heavily raining outside :P
I honestly didn't expect that Kristel -- and any of these people for that matter -- would become my friends.  But when God brings people together, the differences give way to something much much stronger.

*thanks to eden and ate at yellow cab for the pix ^_^