Sunday, October 6, 2013

Doors (a short story)

The door closed him. Pushed out of the room, he didn't know where to go. After a few moments of confusion, he decided to just walk away and look at what was ahead. The day was bright and there was a light breeze. For the first time in months, he breathed in clear air. In the small room he had gotten used to, it was often dank and damp.  Slowly, the sadness gave way to a feeling of freedom. He was free.  There was doubt and a little bit of fear, but he couldn't help but also feel the first stirrings of what seemed like joy. With a little smile, he decided to walk on.

Pretty soon, he found himself before a stream.  He didn't know exactly where it led, but the water seemed cool and inviting. Cupping the coolness in his hands, he drank from the stream and was instantly refreshed. The slight wind tousled his hair, and he just felt a deep, deep peace.  He allowed himself a laugh. Immediately, he was overcome by the feeling that he had to go barefoot and follow the trail of water. There was no better way; he was sure of this. And he had time...lots of time to spare. The water was so clear, he could see small fish darting around. They went this way and that, enjoying the gurgling water. But he could also see that the steady current compelled them to move forward, to see what was at the end of the trail.

After a few minutes of easy trekking, he finally knew he had reached his destination.  In front of him, were rows and rows of doors. They stretched before him far into the horizon. Some were round like those in a hobbit hole. Some were small, he didn't know if he would fit.  The colors were varied - a sea of blue, a verdant green, a splash of yellow, and some colors he didn't even have the words for. What was sure though was that each door was just waiting to be unlocked.

The stream had brought him to what seemed to be infinite possibilities. Which to choose? What to pick?  He closed his eyes and remembered the soothing sound of the waters and the gentle whisper of the wind on his face while he walked.  Then and there, he knew exactly which door to open.

It's been a while since I've written anything that comes close to a short story. This draft was inspired by possibilities and is dedicated to everyone experiencing changes and facing crossroads in their lives.